User Experience Practitioner

Member Wellness Journey

We introduced a new feature that helps stratify members into a tailored wellness journey (and or path) based on their Health Assessment and Biometric results.


Member Dashboard

Leveraging personas and advanced data analytics to create a personalized dashboard for each employee. It highlights clinical healthy-living activities and resources are prioritized and listed on the dashboard, creating a tailored My Journey for the end user. In addition, interactive health resources, goal trackers and incentives are also personalized.


My Journey

It’s a step-by-step wellness plan, personalized for each member, to help match each person’s health goals and needs, preferences, demographics and interests. This feature dynamically interacts with each user’s action, guiding and informing them about “the next right thing to do” on their journey to better health.


Wellness Activities



Users can enroll in several the challenges that best fits their busy schedule and level of commitment. They can complete challenges to earn incentives or to achieve a personal goal.